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AdvantEdge Recertified In HIPAA & HITECH For Fourth Consecutive Year

On September 19, AdvantEdge announced successful third party recertification for HIPAA and HITECH privacy and security requirements by 360 Advanced.  For the fourth year running, the audit results demonstrate AdvantEdge’s total organizational commitment to meet the rigorous data and security requirements of HIPAA and the HITECH Act.


“This recertification demonstrates that our standards for revenue cycle management services for physician practices, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and behavioral health agencies are “above and beyond” those of most firms in the industry. Healthcare providers can have a higher degree of confidence in AdvantEdge’s rigorous standards for security and privacy,” said David Langsam, President & CEO.

The AdvantEdge compliance plan proactively embraces all seven fundamental elements to an effective compliance program that ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for third-party medical billing companies and avoid related risks and penalties. The seven elements and actions in the AdvantEdge compliance plan include:

  • Compliance Officer and compliance committee reporting directly to the CEO or Board of Directors
  • Written compliance plan(s) with related policies, procedures and standards of conduct
  • Continuous training and education
  • Effective lines of communication
  • Enforcing standards through well-publicized disciplinary guidelines
  • Internal and external auditing and monitoring
  • Exception/incident identification and reporting procedures and corrective action plans

“The AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions approach to compliance management ensures the highest level of HIPAA and HITECH compliance standards, while, at the same time our enabling daily operations to achieve the highest possible performance for our clients,” said Mr. Langsam.